CM1517ch – power node technology

Power Management

This macro-cell is a low power voltage-current reference (1.21V / 600nA) with high accuracy (±0.5% over PVT) after trimming.

Trimming capability allows process variation compensation of the voltage/current reference, including its thermal coefficient.

The CM1517ch has two voltage reference outputs (vref_1v2 and vref_0v47), and three different current references, one proportional to the absolute temperature (ptat ), other temperature compensated but proportional to resistor process variation (ibp) and the last ones, process and temperature compensated references (ibc).

The IP provides two different operation modes, High Power Mode (HPM) and Low Power Mode (LPM).

When in HPM all the voltage/current references are available and the accuracy is maximum. While, in LPM the vref_0v47 and compensated currents ibc and ibp are shut-down, the reference accuracy is decreased to ±3%, but in return the current consumption drops by a factor of 4.