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Converting to ASIC

An FPGA-based design can be converted into an ASIC in order to reduce costs and optimize performance. Even though the lower unit cost of an ASIC has been a key motivator for conversion, the reasons can go far beyond the cost savings: reduction PCB area, increase battery lifetime, increase IP protection or even as a solution to the problem of FPGA obsolescence.

Whether converting from an FPGA to a low-cost ASIC is the best option for your project, Chipus helps you define what is the best solution for needs and requirements.

Proven Methodology

Customer Benefits

  • Control over the supply chain
  • Higher Performance
  • Lower Unit Cost
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Lower Unit Size

Advantages in converting to ASIC

  • Total control on the supply chain
  • The part is pin to pin compatible by design
  • The existing firmware is 100% reused
  • Existing PCBs are 100% reused
  • No risk of obsolescence of parts

Solve product obsolescence issues

A concrete problem several customers are facing is the obsolescence of parts. As a concrete example, Intel has been notifying, through their product discontinuance notices, that several products, including FPGAs, will be discontinued soon.

Chipus helps you plan ahead and avoid losing market while ensuring functionality and reusing firmware and PCB.

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Upgrade from FPGA to ASIC. Integrate more features!

In case the solution demands a conversion from FPGA to ASIC, it is the perfect time to integrate more features and further reduce bill of materials and PCB area. By integrating more functions than the pure logic from FPGA, the end product can achieve lower power consumption, cost less and become physically smaller. On top of these advantages, there is the intrinsic protection of intellectual property and robustness of custom chips.

Advantages of conversion:

  • Potential Smaller Footprint
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Opportunity to integrate other features
  • Innovation


Chipus’ team provides support throughout the converting process delivering the accurate solution according to your needs and faced problem. Within the company’s expertise and the decade of experience in IC design, the FPGA to ASIC conversion is more reliable and secure, helping achieve the best solution for you while reducing the overall cost of the product.

Our interest and goal are to provide you with the best tailored solution, guidance and customer support while we deliver full turnkey solutions with our high-quality standards.

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