Chipus is a one-stop shop for ASIC design

ASIC Design


Chipus is a one-stop shop for ASIC development.

Our team of experts in semiconductor design are ready to work on specification capture, design, layout, verification and integration.
The logistics team handle the wafers among the suppliers to deliver tested parts timely for your product production.

Chipus ISO 9001:2015 certification ensure the highest quality standard will always be achieved.

Chip your ideas with us.

Proven Methodology

Chipus has developed a proven methodology for the development of ASICs during the years. Our ASIC flow starts in a Specification Capture Phase when we work with the customer to have a solid understanding of the application. Design and Physical implementation are made by our experienced team. During the Sign-off Phase, all checks are made to ensure tape-out and silicon will be successful. Chipus manages the manufacturing and logistics to deliver tested ASICs for the fabrication of the product.

Camera Readout ASIC

  • Specification document by Chipus
  • Integration of analog section
  • Relationship with foundry
  • Digital design: from RTL to backend
  • Chip level integration
  • Analog and digital bring up tests

36V 3A Buck DC/DC converter ASIC

  • Input voltage up to 36V
  • Output current up to 3A
  • High Efficiency
  • Configurable output voltage
  • PWM and PFM modes
  • Built-in references

Proprietary uC with analog peripherals

  • Proprietary uC unit
  • Integrated SRAM, timers, watchdog
  • Integrated analog peripherals
  • 30V power management unit

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