CM1712ff – Linear Li-Ion Battery Charger ±1% Accuracy (4.2V) / Up to 1.1A Fast Charge

Power Management

This USB/AC Li-Ion battery charger is targeted for portable applications. The full current charge can be set from 100mA to 1.1A. It provides a regulated voltage of 4.2V for powering external loads up to 2.3A in the absence of the battery. The recommended supply input voltage range is 4.5V to 6.9V, however the battery charger can support from 3.3V up to 30V in idle mode.

A reverse current protection is available in order to avoid current flowing from the battery back to the charger when the voltage at Vin is lower than Vbatt ($Vin < Vbatt). An under/over input voltage lock-out sensor and a die over temperature sensor are also available to ensure safe battery charge conditions.