CM4018hlf – Flexible 0.2-20MHz Oscillator Customizable frequency, Low Power

Clock Management

This macro-cell is a flexible general purpose oscillator core designed for TSMC 40nm CRN40LP CMOS technology. This IP can be customized upon request.

The customized IP oscillates at a specific frequency selected between 200kHz and 20MHz, and consumes a proportional quiescent current (typ. 1.8μA to 13μA). An external 1.3μA bias current is required for proper operation, this can be implemented with ChipusCM1218hl voltage & current reference IP. A 4-bit digital bus allows frequency calibration against process variations with +/- 2.5% precision.

The core is easily retargeted to any other CMOS technology due to its MOSFET-only oscillator architecture.